A little bit about Us

Paul & Lesley are the founding Pastors at Antioch House. They are passionate about helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus, experience breakthrough, and be empowered to pursue God's plan for their lives.

They currently live in the Peninsula suburb of Sandhurst in Melbourne with their three children, Sarah, Josh and Hayley.

Our Story

In 1995 Paul was not a Christian and apart from the occasional family wedding or baptism, had never set foot in a Church. One night during that year, as strange as it sounds, God came and spoke to Paul and revealed Himself to him.

God informed Paul about the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve and that sin entered humanity through them, and that He sent His son Jesus to the earth, who spoke a message of love, healed the sick, and died on a cross so that people could be forgiven, restored and overcome the power of sin.

He told Paul that he was trying to break sin in his own strength and although he felt like a bad person and a prisoner to negative behavior, everybody sinned and by accepting Jesus and the work of the cross he could overcome it. At that moment Paul was so relieved and felt accepted by this amazing gracious God and he received this message of grace and was excited about what was happening.

Although there is much more to this part of the story, 12 months later, in 1996 Paul & Lesley walked into a Church in Melbourne straight off the street and not knowing anyone both committed their lives to Jesus.

Paul & Lesley have been destined to serve the Kingdom of God together and both their gifts and ministries compliment one another. Soon after their commitment they enrolled into Bible College and successfully completed a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and have been in full time ministry serving alongside one another since 1998.

Over the next 11 years, Paul & Lesley were employed and served in two large churches in Melbourne. They have been involved in pioneering and establishing three community organizations that provided food, clothing, employment training, and counseling to thousands of families living in Melbourne and other areas of Australia.

Through these ministries they have also been able to provide practical and financial support to many other works in other nations around the world.

They have seen many people receive miracles, emotional and physical healing and many others set free.

In November 2007 Paul and Lesley began a new journey to pioneer Antioch House Church.

They started the church with eight friends, and like the early church they met together in a house. Within two weeks twenty people arrived unannounced, and the house soon became too small to accommodate the arrival of all the new people wanting to be part of this church.

By the start of December, twenty people were attending Antioch’s current home - a 900 square metre commercial warehouse in Carrum Downs. Without conducting a new church launch, and with no advertising and no personal invitations from the pastors, within two weeks they had outgrown the seating capacity of forty people in the upstairs office area where the church services were held. Three months later they moved into their newly outfitted warehouse that could seat 450 people.

Since then Antioch House Church has experienced supernatural growth and this new movement of God continues to transform, heal and equip people.


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