On behalf of the Kidz Life team we welcome you to Antioch House, and thank you for entrusting us with your child!


Enrolment Procedures:

We can help you enroll your child at Kidz Life, so please don’t hesitate to ask one of our leaders at the Kidz Life registration table to assist you.


Signing In:

Signing in your child every Sunday ensures their name is added to the roll and that a name badge is provided to your child. One of our leaders will come and get you during the service should the need arise. Children leaving parents for the first time may be anxious about being left in a new environment, so please feel free to remain with your child until you feel confident to leave.


Child Protection:

Antioch House complies with and has implemented the Australian Christian Churches National Child Protection Policy and all leaders obtain a working with children check and have a recommendation from another member of the Antioch House Leadership. No leader is permitted to be alone with a child (there must always be at least two leaders present) at Church or Visitations. Children must not go to toilets alone, and are always escorted by two leaders, and then the leaders will allow the children to enter while they wait outside the toilet block.


We try to ensure that all children have fun, and are engaged during their time with us. Therefore they will hopefully not become disruptive. We also use positive reinforcement and team competitions where points are awarded for good behaviour and deducted for inappropriate behaviour. In extreme circumstances a child may be placed back into the care of their parents. When this is not required we would notify parents of any inappropriate behaviour should the need arise.


There are many fantastic children’s resources made available to us today. As a church we like to support and recognize other ministries. So although we do write some of our curriculum, we like to support and recognize other credible children’s ministries and purchase the material they have made available to the wider body. At the moment we are currently running Hillsong kids “Big” curriculum.


Kids In Ministry:
We encourage children to begin to explore their gifts by providing opportunities for them to contribute in games, drama, playing musical instrument, singing, dance, sharing devotions, and praying.


Kidz Life Team:
We are thankful and amazed at the level of commitment our Kidz Life team have made to our kids. They have undergone Working with Children Checks and are screened and interviewed before joining the team. Once successful, they serve alongside another leader to learn and become familiar with the way the ministry operates and the way our curriculum is presented. We also like to send our team to attend conferences and training days when available.

Kidz Life

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