In November 2007 Paul & Lesley Lansdown along with eight friends started meeting together in their home in Beaumaris Melbourne on a Sunday morning.

After being employed in fulltime ministry since 1998 they knew the Lord was calling them to plant a new church however decided they would not rush into this, rather allow it time to be birthed.

They had many visions, dreams, and words of confirmation about this new church; however had desired to take some time out away from the busyness of being constantly on the go almost since becoming christians in larger organizational Churches.

Their first home meetings consisted of prayer, worship, and a devotion followed by a barbecue lunch and swim in the pool. It was the most relaxing Church they had been part of for some time. However God had other plans and this only lasted another 2 weeks.

The following Sunday twenty people turned up unannounced. I mean who wouldn’t want to go to a church that offered a barbecue lunch and a swim in the pool after every service.

Soon after they where led by God to continue there meetings in Carrum Downs.

This region situated in the Mornington Peninsula confirmed the visions that they had been having in relation to a spiritually dry and barren place that God had said He was going to pour out rivers of living water back into.

They immediately began looking for a house that would be big enough to conduct meetings for twenty people.

Paul and Lesley had purchased a residential block in a local estate and after numerous failed attempts to find an available house to lease in this estate while their home would be built they began to ask the question whether God wanted them to continue to have house meetings or did He have other plans?

Within days of this a new 900 square metre office warehouse was located in Carrum Downs.

Although it was not their plan to move this quickly they took the step of faith and on the 2nd December that year began meeting in the upstairs office that would seat 40 people.

Two weeks after they started in this building 40 people arrived for the meetings.

Before they had moved in the Lord had already provided the provision to transform the warehouse into an auditorium that could seat up to 450 people.

In June 2008 they moved into a newly fitted auditorium.

With a new venue, new vision, all that was left to do was get the word out and begin advertising; however God challenged Paul & Lesley about not building according to previous patterns but allow Him to build His church and direct and lead their steps.

They where reminded in the book of Luke 5:37 that God was pouring out new wine and it must be poured into a new wine skin.

So they just had to keep believing and trusting that God would bring in the people and that He did.

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