“Anyone who believes in me will do the

same works I have done, and even greater works”.


Watching anything in life, whether it is sport, a live show, or a movie can be very entertaining and enjoyable. The comfort of being a spectator removes much of the responsibility that goes into whatever it is we are watching.

For example if its sport, we are removed from hours of weekly physical training.

If it’s a movie or live show we are removed from the responsibility and cost of the production, other than the price of our ticket and we are generally not to concerned as to whether or not it flops.

Unless we paid out big bucks for the ticket and where not satisfied with the show.

The spectator has really only one goal to achieve and that’s self-fulfillment and our own personal needs being met. In a word it’s “consumerism”. Being a spectator or consumer wasn’t the example Jesus modeled and encouraged people to follow in order to find life.

However deep in the heart of many people they dream about becoming participants, and if they could, they would.


In John 14:12 Jesus said “anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works”.

The works Jesus talked about are for the benefit of others.

Therefore equip workshops are exactly that, “workshops” to equip people practically in the development of their spiritual gifts so that they can move in the supernatural to bring faith, hope and love to others.

These workshops run fortnightly at different times throughout the year and you can checkout the coming events page for upcoming dates.


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